PCmag: Gourmia GTA2800 WiFi Air Fryer Review

PCmag reviewed Gourmia's GTA2800 WiFi Air Fryer and said it's "fantastic for cooking a number of common foods." 

Wall Street Journal: Kanex's Travel Keyboard

The Wall Street Journal featured Kanex's MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard and commented on its comfortable keyboard v-shape design. 

iLounge: Kanex's GoPower Watch Portable Battery

iLounge featured Kanex's GoPower Watch Portable Battery and emphasized its easy and simple to use features.

VRCircle: Royole Moon 3D Review

VRCircle reviewed the Royole Moon 3D Theater and commented on the impressive IMAX theatre visuals.

Hermes Gold Award: Gourmia Air Fryer Placement

Copernio receives Hermes Gold Award for Gourmia's Air Fryer placement featured on PC Mag.

Twice: Royole Corporation Flexible Phone

Twice honored the Royole Corporation Flexible Phone as being one of the best smartphones at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show.

Wired: Kanex's MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard

Wired highlighted Kanex's MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard and emphasized its clever size, good spacing and ability to travel pleasantly. 

Hermes Platinum Award: E Fun Nextbook Placement

Copernio receives Hermes Platinum Award for E Fun's Nextbook placement video on CBS.